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Introduction to the Magnetic Resonance Facility
Getting trained
How to book time on an instrument
What spectrometers are available

Instrument Operation Instructions (internal)


NMR Basics / FAQ
How much solvent should I use?
Variable temperature
I can't lock on
It won't shim
My tube broke
Quantitative spectra
Guide to NOE experiments
Application Notes
Address for deliveries
Building 138 Linnaeus Way
Acton, ACT 2601
NMR Facility
Book time
Apply for a user ID
Downloading NMR data to your computer
Copying NMR data to a USB memory stick
Sensitivity comparison of some instruments
For RSC Users (internal)


EPR Facility
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Apply for a user ID
Introduction to the EPR Facility
Rate Schedule   (internal)

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Miscellaneous notes
Page last updated: 31 January 2021
Please direct all enquiries to: UNMRC Facility Manager
NMR Suite phone number: 53768