Introduction to the 800 MHz NMR Facility Booking Program

Applying for Time on the Instrument

You can book time on the spectrometer as soon as you have applied for a user ID and have been granted access. When using the spectrometer please observe the following as a courtesy to other users:


Users of the system have a login name (4 to 8 characters) and a password. Users belong to an administrative unit which can be a university or a department within a university. Each administrative unit has a contact who is responsible for liasing with the 800 MHz NMR Facility, arranging for payment for time used on the 800, etc.

If someone from your own administrative unit is booking so much time that you are unable to get access, you should take it up with the contact of your unit.

Time used on the instrument is charged for at two rates.
Prime time is from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. All other time is non-prime and incurs a lower fee.

Getting Started

Before you can use the booking program you need to fill in an Application for User ID form. This gives you a login name and password, however your account will not be active until we have approved your application. Anyone can view bookings without even the need to submit a username, however only users with an active account can submit bookings.

Booking Time

Click on one of the links "book time on the 600" or "book time on the 800". After you have logged in, you will see a monthly calendar. Each week has a book link which allows you to view the schedule for that week.

The weekly schedule is divided into half-hour time segments from 7am to 10pm Monday to Sunday. Colour coding is used to highlight bookings for each group.

To book half an hour:   Click on a single checkbox. Clicking on a "9:00" checkbox for example, gives you the time from 9:00 until 9:30.
If you click on a single "22:00" checkbox, the system sets your finishing time to 7am the next day.

To book time within the displayed week:   Click on two checkboxes. The earlier checkbox is your starting time, and the later one is your finishing time. But remember each checkbox includes the time up to the starting time of the next checkbox, so if you click on a "14:30" checkbox for example, your time finishes at 3:00pm.
If you select 22:00 as your finishing time, the system assumes that you want to finish at 7:00 the next morning. That is, you are billed for an overnight run, and you need to get in before 7am and remove your sample ready for the next person to start at 7. If you click on three or more checkboxes, only the earliest two on the schedule have any effect.

To book time which finishes on the following week:   Click on a starting time as above, and select the last checkbox (22:00 Sunday) as your finishing time. A schedule for the following week is displayed for you to set your finishing time. If you once again select the (22:00 Sunday) checkbox for this week, it will simply mean that your time finishes at 7am the following Monday.

In other words, the 22:00 checkbox really means "by 7am tomorrow" or "sometime next week." It is not possible to set a finishing time between 10pm and 7am.

Bookings can be cancelled, modified etc, by selecting List, Cancel, Modify bookings in the main booking page.