800 NMR Facility - Application for User ID

The facility booking system uses standard encryption for passwords, but is not running on an encrytping web server. Passwords are transmitted from your web browser as clear text. Do not use the same password on this booking system that you use on other computers, since it is NOT SECURE!

This form is only for submiting your details. When you have been approved, our staff will add you to our list of approved users and you will then be able to book time on the instrument.

First Name
Family Name
Phone number Preferably a mobile phone where you can be contacted at any time (for example if we need to reschedule your booking).
Administrative Unit   Ask the contact person in your university for this.
Login Name   4 to 8 characters. This also appears on the instrument calendar as the name of the person who booked the time.
Password   Must contain 6, 7 or 8 characters.
Password Again