Copying NMR data to a USB memory stick

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  1. Insert your USB memory stick into a USB slot on the computer. In room 238, the data station nearest the door is the easiest one to get at. After a few seconds a window will appear with icons representing the contents of the USB stick.
    The name of the USB stick will be in the title bar of this window.

  2. Click anywhere on the desktop background. You need to do this to make sure the "focus" is not in the VnmrJ application. Then press Ctrl-L (hold down the control and L keys, then release). A pop-up "Open Location" window will appear.
    Enter "/home/mercury/fids/your-group_name" in the text entry area. (Replace "fids" with "fids_mr400" if copying data from the MR400. If copying data from one of the Inova or Avance spectrometers on a data station in room G53, enter "/home/your-group_name/fids" instead).

  3. Click on "Open" in the above pop-up.
    A second window will appear. This will contain an icon for each of your datasets. If you can't find the data you are looking for, double-click on the 00-OldFIDs icon, and look in the sub-directories contained there.

  4. Drag or resize windows if necessary, so that both the USB stick window, and the window containing your data are visible. Then drag the data of interest to the USB stick window.

  5. When finished, you need to unmount the USB stick. In the USB stick window select File then Unmount volume from the menu. (Some versions of Linux may have an eject menu item instead). It is then safe to remove the USB stick.

  6. Finally, close the windows that you opened in this procedure by clicking in the "X" icon at the top-right of each window, and return to the virtual desktop where VnmrJ is running.

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