HTTP Cookie Example using Python

June 2013
After becoming frustrated trying to understand how to implement cookies in Python, and finally making some progress, I decided to try and save others some of the frustration I had experience by making an example available. Looking at it a couple of years after posting it, I realise it's not that good, but I'll leave it here anyway until I get around to improving it.
One tip for people googling for information on cookies is to also google the related topic "python cgi session id".

Now back to the stuff I posted in 2011...

Here is an example of using web cookies. Download the tar file, set it up on your web server following the included installation instructions, and have a play with it.

It was not written by an expert on cookies, and is only intended for educational purposes. It probably contains security holes, so it should not be installed in an area of your web site where the world has access to it.