Sensitivity Comparison of NMR Instruments

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The table below compares the sensitivity of some of the NMR instruments available at the RSC.
The proton sensitivities for the Avance 600 and new Avance 800 are high because they are fitted with cryoprobes. The figures will be considerably lower if a different probe is installed.

nucleusMR 400Avance 400Avance 600Avance 700Avance 800standard sample
1H210490600050078000.1% ethyl benzene
13C160230520420100010% ethyl benzene


The available probes and number of RF channels of each instrument are listed below:

InstrumentRF ChannelsProbes
Avance 400  2BBFO
Avance 600  4CP TCI,   QXI
Avance 700  4BBO
Avance 800  4CP TCI,   BBO,   TBI


Probe Types

CP TCIcryoprobeH, C, N
BBObroadband probe15N to 31P and 1H
BBFObroadband probe15N to 31P and 1H / 19F
TBITriple resonance plus broadband1H, 31P, plus 103Rh to 31P BB
QXIQuadruple resonance probe1H, 19F, 13C, 15N
ASW PFGAuto switchable 4 nuc / BB1H, 19F, 13C, 31P


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